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It can, and often does, take years of hard work to win a non-DNA exoneration.

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But EXI is in it for the long haul, wholeheartedly dedicated to freedom and justice for its clients: we are creative, scrappy and fearless. Once we take on a case, we are relentless and never give up.

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We answer only to our clients, our conscience, and the truth. EXI receives requests for legal assistance from prisoners, their families, and attorneys. Our case screening process starts with our review of a Case Evaluation Form.

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Our primary criterion for selecting cases is compelling evidence of innocence. When reviewing convictions, we focus on the forms of weak evidence which have been proven unreliable over the past few decades — such as mistaken eyewitness identifications, false confessions, and bad forensics. We ferret out prosecutorial and police misconduct, and perjury, which also play significant roles in wrongful convictions. Unfortunately, more and more kids have social media, iPhones, and tablets, and are allowed to watch and play things that have ratings many years above their age.

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  • A simple snap can turn from innocent to inappropriate in a heartbeat. In a moment, a child's innocence can be tarnished.

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    At one point, one of the boys made a gun with his hand and shot his friend. We all know I am a firm supporter of the second amendment, and I love a good action movie, however, I am nineteen years old. Seeing kids pretend to shoot and kill one another for fun was slightly disturbing. Cover Image Credit: Instagram.

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