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Apart from a few personal reflections, the discussion ranges from the development of our constitutional arrangements to matters of continuing constitutional uncertainty, with observations about different aspects of the court process and the discharge of judicial responsibilities.

Based on Lord Judge's experience in the law and a deep interest in history, this selection offers sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes amusing, but always stimulating reading, and will provoke thoughtful reflection on and better understanding of the arrangements by which we are governed and the practical application of the rule of law. Towards a Constitution 1. Magna Carta: Luck or Judgment 2. William Marshal, Earl of Pembroke 3.

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Authorised Version of the Bible: Divine Right 5. Continuing Constitutional Concerns 6.

Constitutional Change: Unfinished Business 7. Sovereignty: A View from London 8. Parliamentary Self Government 9.

The Sir Hugh Laddie Lectures

The Judiciary Judicial Independence and Responsibilities Being a Judge in Encouraging Diversity D. Liberties and Rights Equality Before the Law Human Rights: Today and Tomorrow The Judiciary and the Media Press Regulation Administration of Justice The Art of Advocacy Trial by Jury The lecture forum affords them the opportunity to speak in a personal capacity, often with surprising candour, which casts what may seem well-worn subject matter in a new and interesting light.

The book, as a whole, highlights controversial legislative policies and decisions, tracks legal shifts and affords extra-judicial perspectives, providing an enlightening and historically relevant snapshot of intellectual property over the last decade. In doing so, it not only provides a valuable reference source for the UK and international IP community but also provides anyone with a true interest in intellectual property law a set of eminently readable essays.

The Hon.

Maccabaean Lectures in Jurisprudence

Professor Dr. His primary expertise is intellectual property law. Quality matters. ISBN Order. ISBN When purchasing an E-book from Intersentia you get instant access to all available digital formats.

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