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The chemistry was just so great that she couldn't stay mad. I guess I hold grudges longer. The heroine seemed like a very immature girl for one that had been to college, was working and living on her own.

Promoted - To Wife!

She meets the hero and 2 minutes later she is talking relationships and long term. She didn't even know his full name.

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He is an undercover agent working with various local police as well as FBI, etc. So his job is a serious one. He gets in with the bad guys and then exposes them as they get ready to steal money from unsuspecting victims, etc. Serious work.

Later in the story she runs into him by accident at a big hotel. He quickly covers by pretending she is his wife, flown in just to meet him while planning to buy property. He is obviously undercover. Instead of seeing what is happening and realizing the seriousness of what he is doing, she decides to have a little fun and tries to blow his cover.

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How could she be so stupid? I had to quit. It was a struggle for me to get through this one. I liked the other Carrington stories and could relate to the characters but this one branch of the family left me a little disappointed. There are a total of six books about the Destiny Bay Carrington family. Books are about the Richard Carrington family and books about Dr.

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Stephen Carrington. Richard and Stephen are brothers. What an interesting diverse family. All of these books can be stand-a-lone and purchased separately but they are much better when read as a series beginning with book one. All of these books are well written and enjoyable.

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  4. The first thing I noted was every chapter has an interesting title. Can you believe that! I just love it!! This way I don't need to spend time flipping through the book trying to find out why a name is familiar or who the person might be.

    Promoted - To Wife!

    Make Believe Wife, in box set two, is my favorite for a variety of reasons. Should I tell you what those reasons are? No, I'm sure you would much rather read the book yourself. Anyhow all of the stories are worthy of reading, in my opinion.

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    There is also a recurring love triangle running within each book about Mickey female , Tag and Richard. Helen Conrad makes us wait until the last book is almost over to tell us how this triangle plays out. Would I recommend these books? If you don't mind having love scenes in your books, you'll love them or see note below. If you would rather not purchase the box set, each book is also sold separately.

    Happy Reading!! No, she needs to prove she can make it on her own. But now the Tucker boys are men, ready to take on the questions that have haunted them since they left home…. Cody Tucker shook the dust of his two-bit hometown off his boots ten years ago—right about the time his college sweetheart, Shelby Lynn Harris, married his so-called best friend.

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    But when his dad dies, Cody finds himself home again and knee deep in the past. Except now his rowdy beer buddy is the sheriff, his housekeeper is a blue-ribbon chili chef, and the family ranch is in the red. For the Easton brothers, family comes first, business moves fast, and life is nothing more than a game of risk. So when Wedding Magazine offers her the cover for their June issue, in exchange for planning the wedding of a high-profile couple, Darcy thanks her lucky stars. Instagram marinaadairauthor.