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Appointed as the acting President of the campus was Dr. Hayakawa, noted semanticist. Twelve days earlier, he had spoken out in a faculty meeting, urging faculty members to support Dr. His first action, which set the tone of his administration, was to close the campus. If the word "reasonable" can be used to describe President Smith, then "authoritarian" must be used to describe President Hayakawa. His administration would not accept change through intimidation.

If students marched on the Administration Building, then he would see to it that the San Francisco police were there to handle the situation.

The strike at San Francisco State | tranocspilam.tk

San Francisco State College became international news, and Dr. Hayakawa became a symbol of authority and stability. He closed school a week early for the Christmas holidays, hoping that a "cooling off" period would take place. Some faculty members were also extremely concerned with the situation on campus. Many of the more liberal ones were frustrated with the political climate in California ant the nation as a whole, and sympathized with the striking students.

They felt that Governor Reagan was attacking higher education in the state, and that the Board of Trustees and the Chancellor were too rigid. Chancellor Glenn Dumke had once been president of San Francisco State College, and had often been at odds with more liberal faculty members over various issues.


These faculty members also felt that any decision-making powers they may have had in the past were quickly being usurped by the campus administration, under orders from the Board of Trustees. The members of the American Federation of Teachers AFT local especially felt that the students had already taken risks and made stands for what they believed, and that they, the teachers, also had to take action. On December 11, , more than fifty AFT members set up an informational picket line around the campus, while waiting for official strike sanction from the San Francisco Labor Council.

On January 6, , they began their official strike. The next two and one-half months saw the same daily confrontations on campus and the same negotiations behind the scenes. Superior Court judges ordered the strikers to desist, yet the strike continued. Several tentative agreements were announced, but the strike went on. Finally, on March 20, , a joint agreement was signed between "representatives of the Third World Liberation Front, the Black Students Union, and the members of the Select Committee concerning the resolution of the fifteen demands and other issues arising from the student strike at San Francisco State College.

The apparent failure to rehire Dr.

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Hare is irrelevant to the institution of the Black Studies Department. The Department Chairman shall be selected by the usual departmental process and Dr. Hare shall be eligible for selection. That there be a department of Black Studies which will grant a Bachelor's Degree in Black Studies; that the Black Studies Department chairman, faculty and staff have the sole power to hire faculty and control and determine the destiny of its department. On December 5, l, the Council of Academic Deans recognized the Black Studies Department as having full faculty power commensurate with that accorded to all other departments of the College.

The College would establish a community board to provide community support and encouragement for minority programs. One of the functions of the board would be to recommend faculty appointments to the President. However, the board would have no legal authority.

The Black Student Union at SFSU started it all

That all unused slots for Black Students from Fall under the Special Admissions program be filled in Spring The College agreed to admit approximately qualified non-white students for the Fall semester and was actively recruiting such students. There were also to be about non-white students as special admittees.

The College agreed that parallel admissions standards are necessary for Third World people if the College is to fulfill. Helen Bedesem be replaced from the position of Financial Aid Officer and that a black person be hired to direct it; that Third World people have the power to determine how it will be administered. The College appointed a black administrator to the newly create position of Associate Director of Financial Aid. He would make the final decision in the College Work Study Program and would make final decisions on financial aid packages for all black students who wish their decisions made by a black administrator.

The Office of Financial Aids already had a Spanish-speaking administrator who would function in the same way as the black administrator. Students charged with "violent acts" shall, if found guilty by the hearing panel, receive a penalty of not more than suspension through the end of the Fall semester of Students charged with instructional disruption shall, if found guilty by the hearing panel, receive a penalty of no more than suspension for the remainder of this academic year.

The College will need additional funding for this purpose. The college would establish a community board to recommend faculty appointments to the President. That a committee of students, faculty, and staff, ethnically mixed, be formed immediately to advise the College on how to teal with the charges of racism at the College. A first task for this committee will be to recommend procedures for dealing with claims of racism within the college. That the procedure for appointing an ombudsman be started again and pressed to as rap it a conclusion as possible.

The College shall establish, through its Academic Senate and the Council of Academic Deans, a small committee to expedite decision making and action concerning all aspects of this agreement. In recognition of the urgency of the present situation, we recommend that the Chancellor and Trustees expedite in every way possible the consideration of any requests for special resources presented by the College President which arise from the extraordinary needs of the College at this time.

In instances where differences of interpretation occur in the precise meaning of any part of this agreement, final and mutually binding decisions upon all parties shall be made by a three-man group composed of one person named by the President of San Francisco State College, one person named by the Dean of the School of Ethnic Studies and the Chairmen of the various Ethnic Studies Departments, and a third person selected by these two. The state of emergency on campus should be rescinded immediately upon settlement of the strike, together with the emergency regulations restricting assemblies, rallies, etc.

The College shall resume planning for a Constitutional Convention and for a student conference on the governance of the urban campus. The students and the administration together recognize the necessity of developing machinery for peaceful resolution of future disputes, arising from conditions or needs outside the terms of this agreement.

The student organizations signatory to this agreement and the College agree that they will utilize the full influence of their organizations to insure an effective implementation of this agreement. The walkout started Nov. By then, Garrett had moved on toward graduate school in the East, but Varnado wasn't going anywhere. He liked S.

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State so much that he changed his major to prolong his undergraduate career. During the strike, he was arrested many times and ended up spending a year in County Jail.

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But it ended well. He proceeded directly from jail to law school at Hastings, though he doesn't recall ever filling out an application. That was the power of the BSU at S. Next month, a historic plaque that speaks specifically to the BSU and its sister in arms, the Third World Liberation Front, will be mounted in the front lobby of the ethnic studies building.

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