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Sedona Vortex

The Webmaster Meeting Mother Mary. My Dance in France A church where the people are more important than the building or heiarchy Promoting the Joy and Love of Life without dogma or creeds! Our Ministers: Rev. John K, Rev. Debby and Rev. The Mystical Spiritualist Church was founded in California in John and Martine Kohlenberger, forming the new Arizona base. In , Rev. Debby Taylor was ordained, thus expanding our ministerial staff, with Rev. Beryl Van Pelt as an assistant minister. We continue to expand, even as some of our ministers and supporters transition to other ventures including returning to the Light of Creation.

What is an Unorthodox Church?


Orthodox refers to the claim by Constantine's biographer, Eusibius, that since the Roman Catholic Church had the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, they had the true ortho documents dox written by the disciples of Jesus. However, we now know that those books were first written 10 to 60 years after Jesus walked the shores of Galilee, after many disciples were either feeble or dead. As the writers of these books never told us who they were we don't know who wrote these books.

Thus, there is no true "Orthodox" church! All we have ever had are later copies from hundreds of years later, no original documents. But, choosing these names for the first four gospels of the New Testament was thought to be valid, once upon a time.

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Thus, we honor several sacred books,of wisdom, even of other religions. What we honor most, however, is that "Still small voice" in our hearts and the soul of Life, Light, Love and Inspiration. Beryl, Rev. John-Aaron, Rev. DeeDee and Rev. John K. Searchers and Seers welcome! When you find that your Dogma is chasing your Carma Because, what really matters is not the dogma, karma, creeds or catma!

So we are a church of the heart, not the book, of those who are attracted by love and not about the building or any other structure are welcome! If you're looking for a spiritually oriented church with minimum doctrine and dogma, this just may be it!

We have no doctors on our staff, so we can't teach a doctrine, either orthodox or "false". To many, attending our functions is like a breath of fresh air! This and all other churches really need to be about its people, not the building and not the budget. Heaven, by the way, is both within and all around you, so it truly doesn't matter where, when or how you commune with the divine, as you realize that you are never separate, disconnected, lost or disowned by God. Thus, there are not, and cannot be, any lost souls.

Click on this image to be taken to our Featured Page. Just click on the hand to the left! Of all the words the self-appointed Apostle Paul said, these were his best:. There are other ways of becoming aware of Who You Truely Are, but you have become used to suffering in earth.

We are on the verge of a collective change, and there will be different ways of learning for humankind ". I am helping you as your brother; through the life you chose. I am close to you, never above you, but next to your heart. You are beautiful as you are, but your heart has been closed to some extent to your beauty, your integrity, your kindness.

You have withheld appreciation for yourself. Thank You Robert for so clearly letting the world know about "The First Adam" or "The Son of Man" and what those words have meant throughouit the ancient historiers of what we now know as The Abrahamic religions! Know that you are loved, absolutely, wholly, completely and unconditionally Eben Alexander. Spirit and energy love to move, so even more changes have come, including one of our founding ministers moving on to her Next Grandest Adventures, beyoun earth, body and mind, and several other female Reverends coming in to fill in for her.

Our Board and ministers are committed to help resolve and bring order out of confusion, as more people join the spiritual revolution, or world wide revolution of souls in this speeding up of time, called the quickening, so that more people may become aware of their divinely inspired place upon their own soul's path. Thus we are opening minds and ways to find inner guidance in order to provide teachers, mediators and helpers to assist these souls, young and old, to find the place of where they need to be, in these coming times of storm, before the calm.

Meet our ministers. The picture above shows of our ministers, Reverends John Kohlenberger and Rev. Debby Taylor. The "present" is a gift for us to use as best we see fit and our "presence" is our gift, of love, to give to others. Why not love and enjoy it all? We are each a portion of Spirit, self actualizing First you are the light and then you are a delight The ways of God and Spirit are so magnificently beautiful, if we just trust that everything is unfolding beautifully and perfectly in our lives at all times.

Remember, perfection is ever and always a moving target. In Nature and all natural processes, nothing lies beyond the realms of any possibility coming into reality. Thus, the only thing that limits us from realizing our limitless possibilities is our belief that they are beyond us! So, we are limited by our own denials! Join us on Facebook! Click on this Facebook Icon. We are a non-profit church dedicated to helping you find and develop your own spiritual attunement and empowerment through learning about and practicing your personal response abilities.

It is no mistake that you have been led to our still waters of love and peace, and this was not by chance or "accident"; it was by universal design Click on any of the photos to your right to enlarge and enjoy the story associated with each one! However there are several things that pass through the veil that you can take with you untouched. They are all attuned to the Feelings of Beauty that we find in love, music, art, creativity and the desire for home.

Special Considerations for Special Needs

Of course, to be in a physical world, we need some structure, but we try to keep it to a minimum. If you sense this, lighten up a little, have more fun and "judge not Are you looking for a new way to live healthier, happier and feel whole again? Maybe a church that is more spiritual with less religious, a little more unconventional, with an alternative approach would be more complimentary to your life. So we welcome you, all. This website represents a Holy Communion, open to Of course beyond that, you may make your life anything you wish, for it all comes from Boundless Love!

And as the Living Spirit is the All in all, we believe that " God is alive and hiding in each one of us ". This earthly experience is but a step along the way of becoming more and more loving and understanding of All-That-Is. Our mission is to become loving for all of life, all of which is just portions of God, anyway. What motivates us? This website is powered by the Living Spirit which is always recreating and renewing itself.

John's father, Dr. Jesus who has been labeled the "Christos" by Greek scholars and "Krishna" in India was and still is the Master of Love, our example, teacher and brother. And so do we! Your loving donations are always appreciated. Freely do we give and freely do we receive, as well.

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Please don't hesitate to recommend this website to your friends! Namaste and Aloha We'll leave the light on for you! NOTE: All content on this site; text, pictures, video, etc.


If you value any of the content you found here, the universe wants you to donate appropriately, so we may keep our mission and purpose alive! We call this "WFoUM"! We offer an easy way to do this through Pay Pal on our Donation page. Life is constantly moving, but when the movement appears to stop, we call it "dead"! Meet our ministers - Click this image to find out about how to simplify Christianity. Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow. Doug Firebaugh.

Happening Tonight. Midweek Lunch Meditations. July 1. Conny Proulx. Thursday, July 2.