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While honey is often marketed as a healthy natural sweetener, all bee products contain sugar, animal protein, and fat. Now honey is the perfect food, for bees.

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According to T. In humans, honey, more so than cane and beet sugar, is acid forming and decalcifying. The body draws calcium from its teeth and bones, if necessary, to neutralize the acids introduced and formed. The manite acid of honey is a protoplasmic poison.

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It interacts with protein and from this, forms alcohol, ammonia and carbonic acid. If we lost all pollinators, foods sources as we know them would vanish.

Bees added to US endangered species list for the first time

However, if you take the mighty all-important human, and wipe our species off the face of the earth, every other living thing would benefit. So perhaps we should think about this when we are ranking the importance of a species race. If it comes down to who's the most useful, we humans are going to be the first to go.

Whether we're looking at the violation of a bee's rights based on their intelligence, their ability to feel pain, their right to not be enslaved, or have their food stolen, or the fact that every droplet of honey has been barfed and re-barfed 50 times, or the unfortunate unhealthy aspects of honey, or the environmental importance of bee's as well as the environmental detriment that they are to North America. All in all, honey is about as far from vegan as you can get.

Fry On Honey's Effects on Health. Incredibly informative.

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I never knew queen bees were artificially inseminated against their will and then transported in crates. I never knew about the 4 degrees calculation either. Amazing — I love this video. I wonder if a quick mention of any bee conservation projects might allay this misconception? Yes, I was very brief with those points.

Thank you for summing up all this information. I am vegan but thought there was nothing wrong with consuming honey I thought it was a win win situation a win for bees because it keeps the population alive and a win for my health. But apparently I was wrong. I also did not know it was vomit, I guess I never really cared to find out exactly what it was. Thank you for explaining that so ehem..

Time to find another source of sweetness for my teas.

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I hear stevia is a good alternative. Would you recommend anything? Natalie, So glad to hear this was of help!

I have a list of alternatives at the bottom of my kids honey video post. I should add those to this one as well! Thank you again for sharing and I hope those alternatives are helpful! Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

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People often ask if honey is considered vegan. The short answer? See ya next nugget! Vegans Kill Plants! I'm interested in volunteering. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Charley on January 20, at pm. While these things may not concern you, another property of microwaving should keep anybody from using this method is moisture content.

Because microwaves heat so inconsistently, and parts of the honey in the bottle get very hot, very quickly, they are apt to evaporate water from the honey. While honey needs to be below a certain moisture threshold to preserve its antibacterial nature, too low moisture means it can no longer be in a liquid state. Put another way, you dehydrate the honey down to its sugars and solids, you will be making it impossible to ever become liquid again. If you use this method, I would recommend heating a pot of water on the stove and removing the heat before putting your jar of honey in the water.

Even a moderate amount of flame or heat kept on your kettle can result in temperatures that can melt plastic or boil over. Monitor it closely and only keep the honey in the heat as long as necessary. Even in baked goods, there is a difference between using good tasting honey and honey with inferior flavor. Ideally, you would want your water you are using to heat the honey to be as consistently near, or slightly above hive temperature to retain the most flavor.

You can use a thermometer to accomplish this. All you need to do is turn on your faucet at your kitchen sink to the hot side. Let it run until the water coming out is the max temperature you can get from your faucet. This will vary based on the set point temperature of your water heater. If you are able to, or are concerned about flavor, aroma, and enzymes, you can use a thermometer to verify this. Stopper up your sink, set the honey jar cover on in the sink and fill it with water to the level of the honey in the jar.

Just let it sit there until the water in the sink is cold. You may have to do this more than once to get it to be completely liquid again. While the honey in the jar warms, the temperature in the sink will drop as time passes. The key to using this method is patience!! If so, it is a spectacular way to liquefy your honey! Once the water is up to temp, place the honey jar with the lid on in the water until it is liquid again.

How much easier can that get? Check progress frequently and remove it from the heat as soon as possible after the honey has reached the state you desire. Unless you plan on using the honey that day, adding water allows bacteria, mold, and yeast to multiply in honey, and it will go bad. In that instance, I used the hot water I was using for tea poured into the jar and swished around until it dissolved the honey right before I dumped it straight into my tea-cup.

Is Honey Vegan? Healthy? Humane?

Be careful and know what you are doing if you ever add water to honey!! I hope this article was helpful, and you get the most enjoyment from your honey! I f you have any further questions, feel free to ask or comment below!